SiSp: DNA Splicing Prediction

The SiSp model predicts splicing patterns based on a genomic sequence of 800bp centered on the alternative exon. It takes methylation into account and operates on a single-cell level. Type in a sequence of bases ("A","C","T","G", and "M" for methylation) to make a prediction.

Dataset Description: Single-cell transcription and methylation data was generated from a single donor from the Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Initiative (HipSci). No augmentations are recorded.


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POST /api/predict/65

  data : string - Text string to upload as input.

  label : string - Most likely classification predicted by model.
  confidences : array (optional) - [{
    label : string - Classification for which confidence interval is being provided.
    confidence : number - Likelihood of classification as predicted by model.